Making an appointment, first appointment and fees

Taking the first step and booking a counselling session takes courage. It can be daunting and it is natural to feel nervous. I am here to listen and guide you through the process of setting up our first meeting.

3 Steps to your first therapy session

Step One: Get in touch

Call or email me to book an initial FREE phone call lasting up to 20 minutes, this is for us both to decide whether counselling is what you need right now and whether I can help you. You can ask me any questions about counselling and how I work.

Step Two: Book a session

We will make a time and date to meet. It is important we can find a slot that you can attend each week on the same day and at the same time.

Step Three: Attend your session

Before you attend, I will explain what to expect and how to find my consulting room.

Jo Hopkins Counselling, 40rty, 40 Caversham Rd, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7EB

What is 40rty Caversham Road Like?

40rty is a business centre and my room is located on the 3rd floor. When you arrive, go to reception and let them know you are coming to see me. You will be directed to the lifts. Come to the 3rd floor and wait for me in the shared area to the left of the lifts. I will meet you there and show you to my consulting room. I will ensure privacy; we will not be interrupted or overheard. A quiet, calm atmosphere is essential for you to feel safe and for trust to grow between us.

What happens in the first session?

I will introduce myself and tell you about privacy and confidentiality. I will then listen to you as you tell me why you have come to counselling and what you need help with. I will ask you some questions to help me understand your needs and circumstances. You will be able to ask me any questions about the process. We will finish by deciding if we want to meet again and if so, will make arrangements to begin regular, weekly or twice-weekly therapy.

Meeting once or twice a week?

Normally, we meet for once-a-week sessions, but sometimes, it is helpful to meet more regularly, twice a week. This may be if you experiencing acute distress and more frequent sessions would provide more support and make you feel better.

How long does counselling last?

The duration of counselling depends on what you are looking for, the nature of your difficulties and what you can afford. If you want to address a specific issue, we can work in a focused way towards a resolution which may take a few weeks or months.

If your difficulties are more deep-rooted, therapy will last longer, months and sometimes years. You may find it helpful to have sessions twice a week.

Whether the work is short-term or open-ended, when the time is right, we will work together to an ending.

How much does it cost?

Initial session: £60.00
Weekly sessions: £60.00
Twice weekly: £45.00 per session

(Concessions are available for those on low incomes and are agreed on an individual basis.)
I review my fees annually in September.