Sometimes, our feelings can be overwhelming making it hard to relate to others or go about our everyday lives

We may be overcome with sadness and grief; feel numb and hopeless or uncontrollably angry. Sometimes, we can’t identify our feelings and then instead of being able to think about them we act them out. We take our feelings out on others or turn them inwards. Either way, the results can be hurtful and destructive to the self and others.


Anger is a normal emotion, but it can become unmanageable and create problems for you and those around you damaging family members, work colleagues and personal relationships. Anger can get turned outwards in rage or aggression to others or inwards on the self where it can result in destructive behaviours such as self harm.

o Eating disorders
o Drug abuse
o Alcohol addiction

Therapy can help you both manage your anger but, more importantly, understand its roots.

Emotional Distress

Sometimes, just being able to sit with a therapist and talk about your feelings, knowing that you are being listened to and taken seriously can be therapeutic helping you feel valued and understood.

A counsellor can help you to understand yourself better, know who you are, trust your thoughts and feelings so you can make choices for yourself and begin to live fully as yourself.

Self Esteem

If you have low self-esteem, you may feel worthless and hopeless thinking you have no value, nothing to offer and that others share this same view of you. It can make you feel it’s not worth trying to make friendships or start a relationship or apply for a new job… you feel it’s pointless. Such a negative view of yourself and the world can lead to a lot of unhappiness.

Often a person with low-esteem can’t name their feelings or trust their instincts. You can be open to bullying or manipulation, finding it hard to assert yourself. Seeing a counsellor can provide you with a safe environment where you are taken seriously and helped to understand yourself and your feelings.