When you’re feeling anxious or depressed, lost or unhappy, turning to the professional support of a counsellor can help.

I am an experienced therapist working at the Caversham Counselling Centre in Reading. I am here to help if you’re experiencing mental health and emotional difficulties.

How Counselling Helps

Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy can help when you have tried to work out your difficulties…

Getting Started

Starting counselling taking the first step and booking a counselling session takes courage. It can be daunting and it is…

I provide a safe, confidential space where you can explore your difficulties…

Helping you to gain an understanding of yourself and your relationships so you can begin to bring about the changes you need to live a more fulfilling and freer life.

There are times when emotions become overwhelming and it’s hard to cope with life.

You may have depression if feelings of low mood and sadness last for several weeks and negatively effect your home and work life and your relationships. At the mild end, depression includes lack of interest and motivation and feelings of tiredness and sadness. At its most severe, you feel life is not worth living and think of and act on suicidal thoughts.

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Counselling with Jo helped me realise I was going to be alright. I began to trust myself and finally made some good choices for my life. It was tough at times, but worth it.’ (Mark 44yrs old)


Counselling is an opportunity to have a different kind of conversation. Two people meet for weekly sessions (or more frequently) and talk and listen; however, unlike social conversations, the emphasis is on one person – you – as you address the problems and difficulties you are experiencing.


Practising as a psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist I work in private practice seeing adults and young people for weekly or twice-weekly individual therapy. The psychodynamic approach focuses on helping you identify and understand negative patterns of relating and behaving.

Relationship Difficulties

People seek counselling when their relationships are in difficulty or on the brink of ending.

It may be that your problem is you find it hard to connect…

Some want help in making a split, some want to repair and continue. I do not work with couples but with individuals whose main source of distress and unhappiness is due to a problematic relationship. This may be a relationship with a spouse or life-partner, a parent, child, sibling, friend or work colleague.


Being a teenager can be an exciting but also challenging time.

Young people can become unhappy, feel they are not good enough, don’t fit in are wrong and different but don’t know how or why.